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Big Word Puzzle Book for Nintendo DS, 1bit garden’s first original game, has been completed!

Dec. 16, 2008

News image Since early 2008, 1bit garden has been developing an original game for Nintendo DS titled Big Word Puzzle Book, and development has now been completed. The title has been approved by Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe for production and distribution – which will happen later on, during the first half of 2009.
Published by 505 games, Big Word Puzzle Book is a game designed to appeal to a broad audience, the same composite audience that surged on the video game market scene following titles such as Brain Training and 42 All-Time Classics. Big Word Puzzle Book builds from that experience by getting people's pre-existing shared knowledge and skills into play. In this case, it's all about language skills.
Big Word Puzzle Book is in fact an interactive word puzzle book that comprises both original and classic games, and further improves player's experience by combining the games into a structure that adapts to its users’ playing patterns. Also, Big Word Puzzle Book makes the most out of the natural interface offered by Nintendo DS and offers a staggering amount of content for long-term enjoyment.
As a result, Big Word Puzzle Book is a very complete, accessible and challenging digital word puzzle companion. 1bit garden is extremely proud of its first original title.

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Harry Potter Collection: 1bit garden hits the shelves for the first time!

Dec. 13, 2007

News image The first product 1bit garden has worked on is finally out: Electronic Arts has published Harry Potter Collection for Game Boy Advance. The collection features the first three video games of the Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, developed by Amaze Entertainment; Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, developed by Eurocom; and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, developed by Amaze Entertainment.
Electronic Arts offered 1bit garden the chance to contribute to this product by combining the three games into one package, and 1bit garden is quite proud to have its first product on the shelves, as well as to be part of such a revered series!

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1bit garden is officially PS3 and PSN developer

Oct. 10, 2007

1bit garden receives authorised developer status by SCEE for PlayStation3 and PlayStation Network development.
1bit garden is now authorised developer for both Sony's portable and home console, and it plans to take full advantage of the convergence between the two platforms.
Another very promising proposition is the PlayStation Network. Digital distribution offers direct access to customers and an agile model for game development. Sony is swiftly moving in this direction by offering a solid, transparent platform to work on, and 1bit garden is happy to have the chance to be part of it.

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Second game reaches prototype stage

Sept. 19, 2007

A second project has now reached prototype stage at 1bit garden. The game is designed for Nintendo DS.
The focus is again on creating a rich and flowing game experience, and in allowing the player to use his/her pre-existing knowledge without a huge cognitive load from game-specific rules and behaviours. In turn, this means focusing on natural interfaces, culturally-relevant game content, and in paying close attention to feedback to player's actions.
Core game mechanics and game systems are being tested during this prototype stage. The goal is to evaluate whether the core idea is sound, to iterate on game mechanics until a stable set of core mechanics is found, and to test whether the game systems needed for the project can be implemented on the Nintendo DS.
As soon as the prototype phase is over, its results will be analysed and new steps will be planned, hopefully leading to presentation to publisher.

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1bit garden is Wii authorised developer

Aug. 16, 2007

1bit garden is now authorised developer for Wii boxed products as well as for the forthcoming WiiWare/WiiSoftware platform.
After Nintendo DS and Sony PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii is the first home console 1bit garden receives authorisation for, and it's a great news. The Wii-specific features of the Nintendo console offer a great design opportunity and a channel to deliver 1bit garden's vision.

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1bit garden is now PlayStation Portable authorised developer

July 24, 2007

SCEE has approved 1bit garden for development on PlayStation Portable.
Portable gaming is on the rise globally, not only through mobile phones but also through increased popularity of handheld gaming devices. After receiving authorised developer status for Nintendo DS back in April 2007, 1bit garden is now also Sony PSP developer, so now development on both handheld gaming devices is possible.

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First game in development at 1bit garden

June 14, 2007

1bit garden is happy to announce that the studio has started working on its first game concept.
This is an experimental project, in which two goals are pursued simultaneously.
First of all, this is a test project aimed at shaping and refining a stable and functional development process, that will be used in future projects as well. The leading ideas for the development process are fast prototyping (this is vital if 1bit garden is to test various fresh and untested game ideas), and iterative development (development is carried out, starting from core layers and down to secondary layers, in short cycles that are evaluated and revised).
The second purpose of the project is, well, to conceptualise and develop the game itself. The project incorporates 1bit garden's vision of bringing games to new places and to neglected audiences. More to come on this!

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1bit garden becomes authorised developer for Nintendo DS and GBA

April 18, 2007

1bit garden has achieved 'authorised developer' status by Nintendo for Nintendo DS and Nintendo GameBoy Advance.
Nintendo DS is a very interesting platform to develop for. Touch screen, embedded microphone with voice recognition software, writing recognition, quick loading times and long battery life are all great features that can allow 1bit garden to express its vision in terms of developing natural interfaces, offering flexible length of gaming sessions, and in creating games that are companions to ordinary life - and not in opposition to it.

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Hello, World!

March 5, 2007

New game development studio 1bit garden limited is officially founded.
Based in London, 1bit garden is a start-up game development studio created by game industry veterans with the ambition to contribute to the somehow narrow cultural landscape of game-making.
1bit garden intends to design and develop products and services for the expanding video game audience (examples of these audiences being young females and grown-ups/30+). 1bit garden plans to develop games that offer fresh game concepts, intuitive interface, and immediate accessibility. Particularly, 1bit garden is focused on producing culturally relevant video games, and on bringing to games some of the notions and features already established in the general field of interactive media and digital culture, such as user-generated content, archive of player’s actions and performances, flexibility in terms of time-consumption requirements, enhanced communication between users.

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