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Big Word Puzzle Book for Nintendo DS, 1bit garden’s first original game, has been completed!

Dec. 16, 2008

News image Since early 2008, 1bit garden has been developing an original game for Nintendo DS titled Big Word Puzzle Book, and development has now been completed. The title has been approved by Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe for production and distribution – which will happen later on, during the first half of 2009.
Published by 505 games, Big Word Puzzle Book is a game designed to appeal to a broad audience, the same composite audience that surged on the video game market scene following titles such as Brain Training and 42 All-Time Classics. Big Word Puzzle Book builds from that experience by getting people's pre-existing shared knowledge and skills into play. In this case, it's all about language skills.
Big Word Puzzle Book is in fact an interactive word puzzle book that comprises both original and classic games, and further improves player's experience by combining the games into a structure that adapts to its users’ playing patterns. Also, Big Word Puzzle Book makes the most out of the natural interface offered by Nintendo DS and offers a staggering amount of content for long-term enjoyment.
As a result, Big Word Puzzle Book is a very complete, accessible and challenging digital word puzzle companion. 1bit garden is extremely proud of its first original title.