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Second game reaches prototype stage

Sept. 19, 2007

A second project has now reached prototype stage at 1bit garden. The game is designed for Nintendo DS.
The focus is again on creating a rich and flowing game experience, and in allowing the player to use his/her pre-existing knowledge without a huge cognitive load from game-specific rules and behaviours. In turn, this means focusing on natural interfaces, culturally-relevant game content, and in paying close attention to feedback to player's actions.
Core game mechanics and game systems are being tested during this prototype stage. The goal is to evaluate whether the core idea is sound, to iterate on game mechanics until a stable set of core mechanics is found, and to test whether the game systems needed for the project can be implemented on the Nintendo DS.
As soon as the prototype phase is over, its results will be analysed and new steps will be planned, hopefully leading to presentation to publisher.