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MotoGP: TV and game interfaces

Oct. 4, 2007

While mutual remediations between cinema and games have been studied quite extensively, remediations between games and TV are still somehow off the radar. In any case, examples are many, and for every FIFA that remediates the visual grammar of TV football, you have MotoGP and Formula1 TV imagery that is striving to achieve the iperkinetic visuals of the respective games simulations.
As in it can easily seen on TV sequences posted on YouTube (here is a hot lap in Laguna Seca, and here another one in Assen), TV is trying hard to place cameras on the vehicles frames (sometimes adding custom-made appendices - talk about remediation between TV events and the real thing) to emphasize the sense of speed and of reckless danger. Video games have it easier, of course, because digital cameras do not need any physical support - but conversely the problem of how to convey "danger" in a computer simulation is still not solved.
TV overprints and HUD are also a remediation of video game HUDs: after all, video game interface designers have faced for decades the problems of how to create ad-hoc interfaces and organise information for the user. Time to give something back.