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All your babes are belong to us!

July 16, 2007

A report by Screen Digest, a UK-based analyst group, suggests that "Of DS gamers in Europe 54% are female (compared with 40% for PSP)". Both figures are quite impressive, if compared to general opinion on video gaming as testosterone-induced activity. But they also call into question general issues such as how can gender-specific media consumption be analysed, how can gender-specific game content be created (and more importantly: should all games targeted at females display a pink-centred colour scheme?), or if and how female-oriented content can be created by largely male-dominated game dev studios.
In any case, the raw figure of female players on handheld consoles does not reveal what consumption patterns are in place for these demographics, and in general it's just the sign of a presence that still needs full acknowledgment - let's do it.